The Guide to Making Money Online For Newbies


Real money these days is no longer used for real world. Some of them now have their own money equivalent to what we normally spend in the real world. Well, “normal” is a related term here because most people still use one form of real money (PayPal money or e-bank money) to buy real products or services without the need to convert real money into real money.

However, what most people know right now is that you can make money by making real money. Sounds impossible? If this was proposed to you ten years ago, it might sound impossible; but here are new ways to earn, make money online.

1. Log in to game sites that require virtual currency that can be converted into e-banks.

A gambling site like Zwinky uses real money to buy other features of the game, but does not convert it into more than that of the physical world.

On the other hand, the Second Life gaming site could create a Lindberg (money spent on game) transaction with a cash balance in most e-banks. A word of warning, however; it can take a long time before you start making money this way.

Basically, you need to set up a real estate ownership, as well as a business to earn real money. So unless you devote most of your time to Second Life, it is best not to give up your 9-to-5 job right now. However, once things are sorted out in your physical world, your earnings are equal to the time you spend in your visible business.

2. Growing gold in WoW or selling tangible goods to other players.

Online gaming communities are still debating the issue of gold mining in the World of Warcraft. Growing gold basically means playing the game at almost 24/7 level, and selling the gold you collect by placing it on e-Bay. Ordinary players of the game can often earn the required game money for repetitive actions such as “gold mining.”

But this takes a long time (and we mean 100++ hours long.) Naturally, if you have more gold, better equipment, tools and weapons you can buy for a character playing in the game. Depending on the level of travel in the Bay or other service points, a gold farmer can earn up to $ 100 a month.

There is also a growing tendency among some “farmers” to sell tangible goods or funds to legitimate gaming players in other online games. Mostly, trading is for real money only. However, if the gamer is determined to produce more dough, the “farmer” can create highly playable characters and weapons.

Also, this type of work will involve many hours before the computer; not to mention the active e-Bay account and the active PayPal account. If gambling is not your particular thing, you may want to look for other job opportunities in the classified ads in your local newspaper.


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